1. Silk Long Robe with Train

According to the our team, the most popular product is a stylish silk robe with a meter long fashionable train.

“It is really wonderful and shows the spirit of our customers where in addition to white, red and black are right up there with our top robe and gown choices,” commented a designer Ella. “Mixing elegant style with an outside of the box choice in color is certainly a way to make a wedding even more memorable” - Yana.


2. Silk Long Nightgown with Open Back

This is followed by he second most popular product, a famous nightgown in floor length with an open back and side slit.



3. Velour Robe in Floor Length

Our team reveals very often bridesmaids choose long velour robes with satin ties on cuffs in various colors (nine options from the color palette are available) both for the bachelorette party and for the wedding ceremony itself.


4. Silk Robe in Floor Length

Basic model, but still popular for wedding mornings. 


5. Silk Robe with Lace Sleeves

For girls, who love lace. Silk robe in midi length with french lace of sleeves and belt.